TINA’S dream

Tina woke up from her dream, she did not scream out though. Save the slightly heightened breathing it didn’t so much as make an impact on her. This was her future as she had seen it many times before. And she welcomed it as her destiny.
Snapping on her old fashioned running shoes she stepped out into the bitter cold of the pre-apocalyptic morning. The mist gathering at the base of the spine sending of shivers of anticipation in under half a second. She broke into a sprint around the industrial wastage canal – of what had been a thriving metropolis. Her city.
Then giving up the sheer human effort involved in such a banal move, she pressed the flying activator artificially increasing her pulse beats. Changing into the gears of her profession, a staid black PVC suit with enlarged ears to her patient’s worries she rapidly then headed towards Piccadilly


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