The Beer Garden

They walked through the doorway of the old pub in the corner of Camden and Primrose Hill. The Earl of Camden was tiny. Hidden away from prying eyes, the only ones who knew about it kept it themselves. The best part was the tiny beer garden in the back, which had a green house.

They walked in and Yudi pulled out his laser. But he could not quite fire it. He Just tapped the glass panel and it sprung back with a quiet very modern swoosh. In front lay complete darkness.

As Tina hesitated then Yudi drew her forward “Dont worry” he said and stepped right. Instantly his middle eye lit up instantly, lighting up the way the beam springing forward picking up hte frescoes on the wall.

“Vow” she gasped. “These are magnificient.”Yes he said “Created by the last of the artists in their most joyous days. When they were thrown together by the last monarch to rule the world. Yes Susana Derosa no less – the Empress of Peruvian descent who had a direct connection to Machu Pichu and the ancient souls. She the high priestess who worshipped the sun god for 7 days and nights till he relvealed himself to ther and she bore him a son, the lord who would love the universe, the God of Love no less.”

“Egreog? “

“Yes! no less”


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