Together they managed to fly until there was no more space between them and the deep skies. Through the clouds a classic Superman superhero pose, holding hands all very lover like.
Yudi had changed – of course, older, deeper, and wiser. More sculpted grooves in his cheek. A belly in between. Noticing her eyeing it he said “Yes I know”. Twins I think. They both burst out laughing.

“How did you find me” she asked? Not very difficult he said you stand out louder than neon. I never thought I would see you. Not after you just left, vanished. “I didn’t exactly want to be found,” she said.” And I am not here out of choice either” she said. “Wait let me guess. Yet again the old master has commanded you to save the world” she mimicked. Why does it come down to you and me?”

“And Egreog ” – he added


“I don’t mind” said Yudi. “What better way to live than save the world. “

“I don’t know, perhaps living a normal life is actually an option” said Tina

“You reckon? “She asked.

He sighed. “No not really. Could do with a bit of excitement of my own. It’s time to stop living vicariously, Tina. “

Tina interrupted him abruptly. “So what else can I expect? More killer ants? “

“The Argentine Ants were just an aberration,” he said. I foolishly thought about them just before meeting you. A mistake.

“Well as long as you did not think about the real stuff that matters – in case that materializes too” she shot right back.

“That’s jut the beginning. This time, its death by boredom.” He chuckled when she looked a little stunned. “ No not really but fooled you there eh? “ It’s just starting Tina. Stay awake through this one.”


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