Last supper of sorts

They stood there not really knowing what to do next. Not really caring if the tide of black light actually swept them away. The light ebbed and flowed around them. They held onto each other feeling helpless .

“Reach for your purple transformer Yudi” she said “ You have to. Dont backoff now.”

Tina stretched her arm around him as Yudi struggled just to hold onto his balance, shielding both of them. She finally managed to reach his utility belt and the transformer and flicked the switch. The black light receeded suddenly and they left watching each other in the pool of sunlight that flooded in.

In the distance they saw the pyramid ebb and flow, an apparition. Its positive energy strongly reaching out and encompassing them, gathering them up in its warm arms.

“We’re almost there “said Tina.

“Not yet…” said Yudi “We still have a few more tests to get through”

The wise old man walked towards them. His long beard sweeping the ground. His white robes flopping gently around his heels, his hooked walking stick in hand. As he came closer Tina smiled “ My guardian angel” she exclaimed.

“And much more.” Yudi said “You are Thor the God of Thunder, right?”

“I have been that and more” said the wise man with the beard. “And I am here to give you a chance to enjoy the pleasures of heaven right at your doorstep.”

“A last supper of sorts, perhaps”, Yudi said sarcastically.

“A little bit more perhaps“ he said “It’s what you make of it, my man!”

… to be continued


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