The 13th Post

Richard stood quietly observing the flow of energy. The tricky part was to tap into it really. He held out his palms to the universe consecrating himself and his fear, his aspirations and goals all to the greater good. Then he unfurled the whip coiled at his side and sent it flying out , out into the night.

He knew he had to push himself push the boundaries in his head , his very cells, push till he felt the pieces of life’s puzzle click into place and find a way to get the energy flow from the moon through his finger tips to his feet and to them.

Yudi and Tina watched fascinated as the whip cords strained and grew with a life of their own. Reaching out the cords cupped the moon like a grand crystal ball and the intensity grew to a crescendo, a massive atomic burst of energy, defeating in its silence.

Instinctively they reached out as one and held onto him. Tina put her arm around his waist and Yudi held onto his legs anchoring him grounding him, the crescendo moving up and the explosion of silver light then catching them unawares, blowing them to microcosms which then built back in fast forward time.

The energy left them the same but yet changed, taking their very essence up into the heavenly realms, transforming them to find their place in the universe, their rightly position in the cosmos. Equipping them with their trademark tools, giving them the true chance to contribute and leave their mark on the universe.


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