Hypnotic dances with demons

They walked through the golden archways into paradise or something like it. Following the sound of salsa dancing a very familiar music they walked into the dance house. And saw a familiar figure.

Richard the demon dancer, stars on his jacket, hypnotising people on the dance floor. Even as they watched, the people froze and Richard walked upto each of them absorbing the positive essence. His halo seemed to deepen right before their eyes, a 100 watt bulb glowing brighter by the second. He looked up then sensing their presence and came over to see them.
“So” said Yudi “you’re now an absorber of positivity eh?”
” Just growing more positive with time if that was possible at all?” retorted Richard
“Well as long as you leave the adrenaline junkies to me” said Yudi ” you know?”
“Did you meet the wise old man – he brought you here right?” asked Richard
” I did” said Yudi
” It seems I found my own way here – the power of dance guides – never fails. You should try it some time” Richard chuckled.
And then as if to demonstrate he wiped the sweat of his face and went right back to where he had stopped midstep, mid pose. He placed his feet firmly on the ground and let the agression well up from the essence of the earth. It ran up slowly crept up through his veins, as he felt the power well up and fill his body, making him grow larger much larger in stature. He felt his heart expand and the very cells of his body multiply – a live cancer yet more much more, until he felt that he would explode.

Explosions that would rock the world, make it seem that there was no tomorrow. That was the power of the bright side. If Richard had let it happen they would well take over his life. But the joy the unbearable joy of it – was too much for one person.

” So much happiness ” he thought “it wasn’t fair that one person only could see it all”
It had to be shared then – between the three missing links. Shared so they could share alike. Share with the universe and the different planets from the far flung galaxies that each of them came from. Yudi, Richard and Tina. Destined to evolve. Experience and metamorphose for the greater good. Consecrating everything they did to the out there. Could they fulfill their self made prophecies?

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