The Secret

Control well it had to be control tightly held together that would keep them in check. As he felt himself approaching the void a small voice called him, Yudi – Yudishtra ? And instantly he felt the dark rage ebb away, recede.

He turned around to come face to face with the most beautiful non-human female in all the universes.

“I saw you go there”, she seemed to whisper, the words falling softly softly, shivering over his skin. He sighed again “And I had to pull you back”

Then pulling himself together he asked “So who are you?”

“I am” she said “The person everyone wants to meet. The foutainhead of imagination. Dip into me everytime you want to feel new beginnings. I am your muse, your inspiration. I live in you. I become what you want me to be.”

Yudi reached out mesmerised to touch her, just as Richard and Tina burst through the door, reached him skidding to a stop as they reached him. They found Yudi staring at the mirror.

“We don’t have much time Yudi”, said Tina, “we have to go, Now!” She added for effect.

“Of course” said Yudi aloud “She had to disappear into the mirror”

“What?” They both said in unison?

Yudi didn’t bother to respond. He looked around the room, where he had spent the last few years of his life. Then without a second glance, said “Lets go!”

It was time for them to bid good-bye to the Inter Galactic Institute of Inner-beauty and take on the real challenges that they had been groomed for.

The three of them walked to the window, then each activated their transporter chip with active thought waves and vanished.


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