The Nemesis

“Are you sure this where the underground chamber is supposed to be?” asked Tina doubtfully

“Absolutely” said Yudi “Let me do the honours” and so saying he walked forward the chip on his 3rd eye lighting up again as they move forward through the dark passageway. The light in his eye ebbed and flowed as he made for the farthermost corner shrouded in shadows.

The roar resonated almost as soon as hey reached end of the corridor and out stepped the half man half lion. He instantly moved forward and came towards Tina. Then to their amazement and in face of his ferocious demeanaour he prostrated himself before her. ” I have been sent to guide you and the other missing links on this your final journey” he said

“Final” asked Yudi? “You mean this really this is it? Not more of the birth death cycle thing?”

The man with the head of a lion looked at him closely ” you are flawed yet chosen! A good team you make with the one who has sun in leo and moon in virgo”

“You mean me”? said Tina

“Yes. And the third in this trine – the one over whom the lord that dances himself keeps watch”.

“Me” said Richard

“The three of you – but at the right place and right time together. That’s how you fulfill your destiny and open the portal that will join the three worlds. If you succeed then you break the neverending cycle and are free – free to be yourself – free spirits.”

“And if we fail” asked Richard, then wished he had not.

” Well then” and for the first time the man-lion faltered ” well then, I guess the end as we know it is near”

“No no not another end of the world story please!” exclaimed Yudi

“No” he said “its much worse – its a world without end. No end no salvation. Can you imagine. It goes on and on. Every human and non-human stuck in traction for ever – never to be freed to achieve true happiness”

Then he said, “Come, we must leave. Time is running short. “

He turned and they followed him through the panels that melted away in front of him, and they stepped into the control room of the space ship that was to carry them onto the last mission to please the eye-pyramid that which would help spark off the ultimate chemistry of the 3 missing links.


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