The triangle

Tina and Richard took the controls of the ship, then looked at Yudi expectantly. He stood between them, near, yet a little apart, staring ahead into the darkness as if for inspiration, then despite himself exclaimed “Ah!”

“What? ” asked Tina impatiently “Come on Yudi, surely you can’t hesitate now?”

Yudi burst out ” Well then, straight ahead “

Tina and Richard looked at each other. Richard heaved a long suffering sigh “Profound! Straight ahead then it is!” As one they disengaged. The ship slid off its perch on the edge of saturn and slid softly into the night. The Lion Man had been put to sleep at his insistence. His plea of being afraid of deep space having been met with much disbelief. Yet his presence was a must – he was the beacon. Yudi the navigator and the shroud of space, their companion enveloped them completely.

Tina said “somehow in the movies you see stars int he distance and there are always amusing happenings who have thought space is so dark and silent?”

In response, Yudi’s 3 eyed beam of light suddenly then sliced through the darkness lighting up their way. He leaned forward and flipped a switch on the console so that Led Zepellin’s Stairway to heaven filled the air and the 5-dimensional video filled the viewing chamber. They laughed then almost hysterically and sped on.

“I officially title this now as Starway to heaven”, said Tina

“Apt” said Richard.

“We have to keep going, until we reah the 13th nebula and then turn right into the heart of that galaxy for that is the one which leads to the eye of the pyramid.” Scarcely were the words out of Yudi’s mouth when they seemed to kick into the next acclegear. “Oops” he said and then hastily strapped himself to the remaining seat “I think I just tiggered the homing device on this thing.”

“You really need to be more careful with this 3 eye drama”, said Tina “each time you snap it on, you seem to trigger the next tsunami.”

“Well wouldn’t you enjoy that?” Yudi smirked

Before Tina could retort with a smart comment, the ship moved up yet another notch in speed slamming them back against their seats. Tina shut up and concentrated on just holding onto the steering device. They braced themselves as the ship literlly drove itself and super light speed right into the heart of the nebula and straight through, crashlanding onto a grass plane, jolting them all into unconsciousness.


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