The God of Hack

Richard was the first to awaken. He opened his eyes to find the sun shining straight up ahead. As he loooked around to where the others lay scattered much like drugged flies on the ground, wings broken, he saw the spectre of of the dark God of the Hacker’s hover over Yudi – his robes fluttering in the breeze, he bobbed up and down much as if he was but a 3-D image. The apparition stretched out its hand tentatively, much as if making up its mind whether to approach Yudi or no. And then in a very human gesture (indeed if it was human at all) stamped its feet and flounced of finally as if giving in to the right thing to do decision. 

Richard fell back exhausted at just witnessing the inner war of that particular god and conveniently lapsed right back into unconsciousness. This time when he came to he found Tina and Yudi’s anxiouus faces peering over him. Tina slapped him hard and Richard sat up with a surprised gurgle. “Ow! you didn’t really have to do that you know” he spluttered. Tina and Yudi both simultaneously exhaled in relief. 
“We thought, that we had lost you there you know!” said Tina
“Close and the thought did cross my mind, especially when I glimpsed what the other wourlds looked like and believe me, its everything we’ve heard of and more, but no not yet. On the bright side though, I know where we are here and what’s going to happen next.”
“Oh yeah? Well tell us oh enlightened one!” mocked Yudi
Richard smiled almost saintly in that instance “All we have to do is find the right music. Its not far you know. Find the right notes that will awaken the pyramid and make it open its eye for us!” 
“Well then,” said Tina, “lets go and keep going ok, before the past catches up with us?” 
“Why do you say that?” asked Richard as they followed Yudi who had set off at a brisk pace already.
“Yudi’s not the only sensitive one, you know” said Tina. “And I just have this feeling , its this thing, which makes me very nervous and I not sure if its going to be as easy as you or he think it’s going to be. “
Richard said with some finality ” I for one, think this story has gone on for too long. Its time to resolve this one way or the other. Dont you think so Tina?”
Tina could all but nod  miserably”But I want it to end my way.” 
Richard nodded understandingly.
 “Well then” she said more resolutely “Find the right notes, you are the musician right?” 
Richard smiled, “Yes.” 

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