Romance and the Goddess of Love

“Well then” said Yudi “Lets go and keep going before the past catches up”. They looked at each other – really looked into each other’s eyes for the first time in many lives. Tina’s soft words had kindled a response in Yudi. “Perhaps” he thought ” When all this over, perhaps we have a real chance at being together, a normal couple.”

“eh?” said Tina, “you said something?”

“No, no, well”spluttered Yudi

“Just speaking to yourself as usual” she said

“Its becoming a habit that I need to break out of” Yudi exclaimed.

“This circle is one I need to break out of” said Richard finally catching up with them. ” We need to resolve this soon.”

Tina and Yudi both nodded.

“Lets find the missing links, fit the puzzles and move on.” he said. In unison they set off then at a brisk pace , Yudi in the lead, each one immersed in their own thoughts for once. So that when the Goddess of Love appeared shimmering, bobbing gently up and down on her borrowed lotus chariot, Yudi almost bumped into her with Richard and Tina having to stop very suddenly in their tracks.

“Steady there” she said irritably in a tinny voice, “Don’t ruin my robe, which I have finally managed to wash clean of cosmic residue.”

Yudi dropped to his knees belatedly and the others followed nervously. “Stand up, stand up, boy, and tell me what will you give me in return for guiding you to the source?”

“Uh, well but you are a goddess already, what do you not have?” exclaimed Tina.

The Goddess’ eyes lifted once to her silencing her effectively. “Let the one I have asked the question of speak” she said impatiently. “Even goddess’s have needs that only humans can meet after all.”

“What do you want?” asked Yudi

“Love” she said

“But are you not the goddess of love?” he asked, a trifle amused now at the strange apparition.

The Goddess cut in “Still looking for love”

Yudi faltered then as she said “If I show you where to find the secret note, then will you become my consort?”

Yudi exclaimed ” Me?”

“Yes” she said “You of the three, one of the missing links, who holds the destiny of humankind in his will. The ugly duckling who would be swan, one with the superior genes, who better than you to partner and procreate with?”


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