Do I have a say in this?

“Well Do I?” asked Yudi
“Of course” said the Goddess “But if you refuse” and at this thought her eyes seemed to glow with a distinctly unearthly fury, “If you refuse then you are on your own for the rest of the journey.”
Yudi, Tina and Richard looked at each other puzzled, and then Tina said “that is the most bizzare request ever and not fitting a goddess, I can tell you that!”
The Goddess laughed “You think greed is only the prerogative of you mortals?”
“Yes absolutely” said Tina “After all you Gods who have achieved Nirvana, you are liberated from the circle of life and death right?” she added as an afterthought.
“Exactly” said the Goddess “and still need a companion, don’t I to last me through the endless days and nights of this never-ending existence. To be mortal is the true boon !” And noticing their shocked faces she added shrilly “Or haven’t you got that through your stupid heads yet?”
That stunned them all into silence. And noticing Tina’s colour fade noticeably she added in desperation ” Well why do look like a dying duck anyway Tina? “
Tina hesitated “Ah, well …”
Yudi spoke up ” She needs me you see, all 3 of us intact have to make it to the eye of the pyramid to save the world.”
“Which you can and will” said the Goddess laughing a bit too creepily for their liking. “I am only asking you to stay back on your return. Save the world or whatever makes you happy and then be mine. Forever.”


One thought on “Do I have a say in this?

  1. nice blend of Hindu philosophy – circle of life and death, immortality of Gods. But why would the Gods need human company? There are already 330 million of them to keep company to each other?

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