The God of Multitasking

Contemplating the rain coming down from the depths of my blue sofa in my living room I look back at the sequence of events which laid me low. The momentous occassion last week, followed by intense week of negotaitions at work, beginning to realise that mood swings are now an occupational hazard I need to watch out for. Ok, recognising the problem is half way to the solution anyway. I’m going to have to be much more centred to make it through the next year. One step at a time.

Meanwhile a few hours of paracetamol induced oblivion is interrupted by TNG calling me from another whisky bar; this time on the next stage of his great American Adventure. He is in Minnesota. And while celebrating his last few days of freedom in the depths of the amber he surfaces briefly to wonder if certain household chores have been taken care off.  We are both Gods of multitasking. Yes we are.

A title even more justified when I  think about the matrix of my life. Something I drew up earlier. It’s in the form of a hexagon closely resembling the carbon molecule the building block of life. With TNG and me at the centre, and around us is all our life growing, ebbing, flowing.  One can never get past ones background; I am slightly jolted as I stare at the picture and realise that my university days of biochemistry and flow charts have influenced me in more ways that one. It truly is wierd and yet cool. Condensing one’s life into a cellular pattern with connections, interconnections and inter inter connections. A true new age social networking platform.

So if I can get off the sofa, pack my bags, beat the havoc caused yet again by the volcano with the unpronounceable name, and the BA strike, then I will be enroute to another glamorous Eastern Europe destination this week. The call of duty and all that. Stay tuned for more intrepid advenutres from the heart of the brave new world.


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