First love

Yudi lays Maya on the royal couch then looks at the other girl. The understanding dawns on him that he has just met Tiina and Maya, the twin princesses of Ka Surya.

He folds his hand together in greeting and bows to the Queen and says, “I am Yudi, the charioteer’s son, at your service”

“Then you have to curtsy to me too, for one day I will be future queen of Ka-Surya” says Tiina.

Her mother laughs then and says “And so he should Tiina. But first you should thank this young man for helping your sister.”

Yudi smiles at her, not for the first time noticing the incredible similarity between the two girls “So, the two of you really are identical twins?”

“Yes” she says, “except ….”

“Except for the eyes!” he exclaims

Where Maya has the greenest of eyes, Tiina has soft brown ones that sparkle as they look at him. He can feel his heart skip a beat and suddenly it is his turn to go pale.

The Queen exclaims “Quick seat the boy down then before he faints”

To Yudi’s embarrassment, Tiina takes a firm grip on his hands and guides him to the couch. Then realizing that this was one chance to feel her hands on him, he gives in to the pleasure of being fussed over by the various women. He smiles and closes his eyes.

He must have drifted off into sleep, because when he comes to it is dark outside. He is in a room, on a bed covered by the softest feathered quilt ever. The bright light shining in his eyes he realizes is the starlight pouring in through the window. He gets off the bed and pads towards the balcony from which he can see the ocean crashing far below. It is far enough for him to see the white tops of the waves but not hear them.

He looks up at a shooting star in the sky, just as there is a gentle touch on his arm. Tiina asks “Awake at last?”

Yudi turns around to look down at her and is pleased to see the moonlight fall pleasantly on her skin. A song from many moons ago plays in his mind threatening to seduce him some more. With a massive effort he manages to snaps out of his reverie “I must have passed out” he apologizes.

She laughs “And is that all you have to say for yourself?”

And that’s why Yudi felt like a master of the universe – thanks to his first true love


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