The technology of thought travel was invented and lost here.

A secret place; hidden away, sunk in mud, covered with cigarette butts, cigar ash and popcorn kernels; where the film of the world nevertheless continues to re-run, ad infinitum.

It is said that, Marcodolo the legendary space explorer who had bridged the gaps between the eight galaxies, had one day, managed to tear himself away from the adoring crowds to Fivepoints. To weep and meditate.

For 6 days and nights, he prays to the Almighty Lord Nu Vish standing on one foot, pleading for the boon of evergreen technology.

Finally appeased, the Lord opens his third eye and in one single beam of pure energy reveals the secret, direct, in-vitro to Marcodolo.

The images unravel in his mind; telling him to go to the place referred to as Chungking, in Fivepoints. Here he devises the optimum way to manifest the art of time technology. Manifesting it as a monad of pure energy suspended in mid-air

Marco uses it to build the very first gateway to other dimensions.

His masterpiece is a large canvas of pure non-destroyable material, onto which the monad projects colorful images, purging itself of the conscience of world chaos.

This is how it continues to this day.

Predictions, earthquakes, box-office successes, celebrity deaths and the birth of new stars. It all plays out here on the evergreen silver screen.

A never-ending projection

Discovered by those for whom the time for travel has arrived.

For Marco, this triggers off his dormant gene, making him among the first Half Lives on the planet. The leader of the pack who achieves the very first recorded ascension, in accelerated time.

Thus it is that every time evil rises a group of the chosen ones are summoned to Fivepoints. Their goal to find the portal the other side, destroy the evil that threatens the world and save their fellow species.

What would it be like to be the one, to change the past and re-write destiny?


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