Free to be

“That’s another peculiar Half Life tradition. We don’t want to chronicle the past, just in case it falls into the wrong hands,” comments Rai.

“You mean in the hands of humans?” asks Yudi

Rai nods “The human race has a tradition of exploiting and manipulating, interpreting the yesteryears to their advantage. I am sure you have realized what it means to have no history. As Half Lives, we have a totally  fresh perspective on life. Much broader. Un-restricted, un-blinkered by preconceived notions.”

Many faces of the future

 “A future we can create!” Tiina exclaims. Where earlier she has been racing to boldly keep pace with the other two, she is now beginning to flag. 

“That’s really amazing” she says panting, slightly out of breath. “So we truly are not prisoners of our past.We are free to write our own destinies!”


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