In search of my mojo

Its been a mixed month. Looting and my adopted world gone crazy. And on India’s 64th Independence Day the F1 makes the local villages multi millionaires overnight. Which begs my father to ask me again why do I live and do what I do. Good question. No simple answers. Especially not now when I realise there are no safe havens for investments. Not as simple as just paying off the mortgage. What does that bring in a world filled with riots where no street of this city is safe. The stock market in the long run? But after the crazy share price movements of the last week not somewhere I feel secure about. So Gunn my friend (pictured above) had an interesting answer “Go back to the basics” she said. “The only security is the land. Trim back and live off the land. Grow your own food.” Interesting concept and held a lot of relevance for me where I am today. I don’t see myself running off an becoming a farmer but definitely the simple life holds more and more appeal. Especially at a time when it seems I’d rather be putting my mindspace and energy into writing my book – and yet the 9 to 5 is necessary to pay the bills. Since when did me the person with the passion for the corporate career think of stepping off the treadmill – and interestingly when did the motivations change in so drastic a fashion? Age? No it had to be more than that. Reading Miranda Sawyer’s mortality focussed column in the Observer struck a chord. In search for my lost mojo this week I am going to revisit my 10 things to do before I die list…. keep you posted

One thought on “In search of my mojo

  1. "why do I live and do what I do."great questions! (Perhaps you are habituated to asking these questions yourself time and again?) You wont find an answer them to ever, unless you discover and eventually lose "yourself"! The question should therefore, in fact, be "who am I". Once you learn the answer to that, the next exercise should be "how can I cease to exist" – when you can live without the "I" – great miracles start happening – and that is when you will eventually understand all about life and existence. Good luck.

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