The sad figure that tries again and again

He nodded. “There is always a ghost of you if things hadn’t worked out,” he said glumly. “This sad figure trying and trying and trying.” He mustered a smile. “Anyway, it did work,” he said. “He’s gone away.”

Not for me yet. For I am that figure. The one who tries again and again…. and again. To keep going. 

This weekend went to the Out of this World exhibition at the British Library. And was taken aback! Cool its acutally inspirational. Geek central, here we come. Ye of all the unwashed, dreadlocked nerds with bees buzzing around their head. I am one of you. At heart really. The painfully shy retiring kind who would prefer to spend an evening with my nose buries between the sheets of Isaac Asimov. Really. Heh heh!

Perhaps that explains the attraction to fantasy. Where the improbable is possible and the impossible is probable. Where there are no rules to everyday life. And everything is still possible. All you have to do is close your eyes and Imagine. 


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