In search of my cover

I am terrified. As I take baby steps towards the bold world of self e-publishing, I quake with fear. What if, …no I know, that everyone is so gonna hate it. In preparation for my harshest critics, I keep my fingers crossed that someone somewhere will download and read the novel. 
That would be one more reader than I had previously! 

 It has been strangely satisfying,  finalising the cover art for my novel. For once I am doing it for myself. I used this wallpaper art I chanced upon on the liquid comics website as inspiration. Aptly titled Kalki seemed to capture the mood of my novel quite well. 
Then I had almost finalised this cover art and name for my book. When of course the most exacting book critic in the world – ie. my own husband banished it in one sentence. He said the woman in the picture looked like a fat Deepika Padukone (Bollywood starlet!) So that was that. Strike this one for now.
Then after debating on changing the title to The Devil’s Destiny, some of my fans said,  they preferred the original The Destiny of Shaitan – it is cult fantasy, that’s what it is. So I figure many will hate the name. But those who like it, will love it! Its got to be true to what it is at heart, so The Destiny of Shaitan it is. 
And so am now working on the revised cover. 
Here are my inspirations …. Can’t wait to see how it will all turn out.

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