2020 Life: Becky Walsh, Teacher, Speaker, Leader

Becky drew my attention to the giant hand of meaning pointing to me, asking me to get on with it. And I did with my debut novel.

Becky Walsh has been a teacher, speaker and workshop leader for many years in the field of intuition and spirituality. She is the author of three books and five e-books. Perhaps best known for having presented/ produced her own weekly Radio show on LBC 97.3 a three hour show which enjoyed 97,000 listeners, Becky is now director of openbeyond.com an on-line platform for learning. My meeting with Becky resulted in this blog post http://www.laxmihariharan.com/2011/10/burning.html 

Becky Walsh
a. What is your life goal?
My goal’s often change. I’d like to be a catalyst for a change in how we communicate with each other, to use intuition more than ego. I feel there is a shake-up needed in the self-development industry. I’d like to work within a team of people that become what Madonna was to the music industry, what Anita Roderick was to the cosmetic industry and what Louise Hay was to the 
publishing industry. 

 b. Do you believe in love at first sight?

No, I believe in fascination and curiosity at first sight. This has happened in my own life and has lead to love, but often your mind fills in the blanks afterwards saying ‘I knew’ it was love at first sight. But most of us recreate the story of our lives as we live it. Hindsight is 2020 vision.  

c. What makes you happy?
Being with my dog, when a client or friend has a ‘got it’ break through, when I cross a job off the to-do list.

d. The one thing you want to do (or have done already) before you die? 
I have spent so much of my life trying to do everything I might ever want to do, I have kind of done too much! If I died tomorrow I would say I have had an amazing life and I am so grateful. 

e. The one ‘clue’ for anyone trying to find their true calling.
The thing that annoys you the most about life is what you came here to fix. You will see it coming over and over in your own life; it will be the thing that worries you the most about humanity. It ‘gets to you’ as you play a part in it. It doesn’t mean change your career or start a charity. It means don’t run away from how it shows up, do small things to change it. Whether that’s writing e-mails or raising awareness as you change it in the external world, it will change in your life. Help heal want pains others and it helps heal you.

You can find Becky here www.beckywalsh.com

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