U-turn Life: Derek Haines, Author & wine lover

The reviewers’ harsh words pierced my heart, and so began my initiation into my ‘All the worlds’ a stage phase.’ A place, where I was my most vulnerable, my soul laid bare for all to see. During this time I read a blog post by Derek Haines. He had some solid advice on how to stay calm and not pay much attention to detractors.
Derek Haines
Derek is an author who lives in Nyon, Switzerland and has many titles to his credit including Louis, February The Fifth, HAL, Dead Men and his latest book, One Last Love. He describes how he came to writing, in his own unique style. ‘For some reason, I was created some years ago at the age of 42, and then just started writing stuff down. Notes, useless information, short stories, poetry, songs and anything else one can do with a pencil and piece of paper. Everything however, is a bit of a blur before that. A strange blueish blur in fact.’
Derek is a real interesting Avatar. I confess he seems to have shades of Paulo Coelho too, which is another reason I was curious how he would answer my questions. And so I put him to my ultimate test. Here are his answers.

a. What is your life goal? Quite simple. To keep breathing for as long as possible and make the most of every day. As my life so far has been a continuing series of accidents, u-turns and surprisingly pleasant collisions, I would like to hang  around long enough to experience a lot more of them. 

 b. Do you believe in love at first sight? I used to, and ran around like crazy looking for it in my testosterone driven younger days. Only to discover however that when I did find it, it normally led quite quickly, after a few blissful weeks and a lot of silly smiling, to a series of misunderstandings, tears, crises and over the limit credit card accounts. So I gave up looking many years ago and left the believing to those young enough to want get themselves into a nice little pickle.
 c. What makes you happy? I live in Nyon, a beautiful town on Lake Geneva and with the mountains and forests so close, I only have to look out my window or take a short walk with my dog to know how lucky and happy I am to live here. Also, cooking, food, good wine, good friends and my family make me happy but I could make a list that would be a mile long. A much shorter list would be what makes me unhappy and most of these entries would involve bigotry, intolerance and closed minds. 
 d. The one thing you want to do (or have done) before you die?
I would love to see one of my books turned into a movie. Yes I know, dream on old fella! But you never know what a new day brings, so I’ll keep on dreaming. If that fails, I might just settle for writing a book one day that sells enough copies for me to be able to afford more beer and wine.
e. The one clue you want to share with anyone trying to find their true calling.
I tend to side with the notion that trying to find one’s true life calling is a bit a waste of energy as one’s life calling seems to have the habit of finding you. Sooner or later. In my case it was later, but once writing arrived and knocked on my door, I knew that was it. 
You can find Derek Haines here
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