Easy Rider Life: Nina Madden, NLP Therapist & Giraffe lover

Nina Madden’s sunny nature and vivacious personality are a great asset in her avatar, as sounding board & NLP therapist. Her very interesting time-line exercise triggered off some crucial aha! moments for me; one more piece fell into place in my puzzle.
Nina is an NLP Therapist, Hypnotherapy Time Line Therapist and Personal Life Coach. She runs a private therapy practice in Kensington London. She works with smart and passionate people to fully resolve difficult emotions and change their lives from the inside out.
So what does this multi-dimensional Avatar have to say to my five questions?

Nina Madden

a. What is your life goal?
I work with goals all the time and I really like goals because they give us a direction. I used goals to bring myself out of despair, but these days I am really happy with my life, so my “life” goal is to continue to bumble along in the same fashion until I get old. People are sometimes shocked when I tell them that, but I really like what I am doing and I don’t want to change. I guess I have achieved my life goal. I have a profession that touches people and helps them live their lives to the full.

b. Do you believe in love at first sight?
Of course! It happens all the time. But I think we are different in how we fall in love. Some are passionate wildfires, I am a bit more of a slow burner, like those old wood firing stoves. Takes a long time to warm up but then I stay warm for a long time.  

Happy Elephant

 c. What makes you happy?

Friendship, laughter, fun, sunshine, my work, and friendship again, and birdsong.

d. The one thing you want to do (or have done already) before you die?
 Lots of things! I want to chase Giraffes on horse back in Africa, I want to ride a motorbike from London to Cape Town, and I would love to have a family. 

Love & all that Jazz

e. The one ‘clue’ you would share with anyone trying to find their true calling.
Listen to the voice within, follow your dream and know that you are capable of so much more than you think you are. Above all purpose comes from being who you want to be, and then doing what you love doing. It takes courage and integrity and strength but I believe it is worth it. Because when you live a life of personal truth and integrity you become super strong. And happy!
Find Nina at www.ninamadden.com
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