Magical life : Leena Yadav, Bollywood Directrice

Leena Yadav
When you are eighteen, you don’t think you will live long enough to be able to say “I have been friends with her for decades.” You also don’t realise that the people you meet, become friends for. 

Leena and I studied together, for the post graduate course in Mass Communications at Sophia’s College, in Bombay, India. Even then, she had a clear vision of becoming a film director. Today, she is among the handful of female film directors, in the cowboy world of Bollywood. Through it all she has held onto her unique brand of grace under fire. 
Leena Yadav is the director of Shabd (2005) and Teen Patti (2010)Here, I ask Leena about what has been her guiding light through this journey.
1.     What is your life goal?

I have multiple life goals, and the list keeps altering with time and situations. Goals are interesting, short term or long term, they make you look forwards. In the larger scheme of things it’s not even about achieving the goals. It’s the journey, which gets more interesting. I have often landed up achieving something which is a complete departure from my goal and said, “Wow! This is so much more of an achievement!


2.         Do you believe in love at first sight? Totally and completely. There is a magic in instinct and natural chemical reactions that gets corrupted by logic and calculation.

 3.      What makes you happy? Any thing from the weather to a hug…a smile…a film that transports me into another world, another life.  Or simply Robert Downey Jr!

The ultimate joy is when, as a film-maker, my imagination is translated to reality by the collaborative effort of multiple minds.
On the sets of Teen Patti

4.        The one thing you want to do (or have done already) before you die? Travel and experience every part of the world and keep making movies till my last breath!

5.         The one ‘clue’ you would share with anyone trying to find their true calling. Listen to the heart, it holds the true answers. And then JUST GO FOR IT!
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