Ania Ostrowska: My first reader

I am very curious about you my reader. Who are you? Where do you live? What do you do when not reading? Why did you actually pick up my novel?  In this Reader Avatar series, I ask you the same, so I can get to know you better 🙂 If you my reader, would like to featured here please email me at

Ania Ostrowska: My first reader Avatar

Ania Ostrowska, was one of the very first to read and comment on The Destiny of Shaitan.So it was only fitting that she is one of the first to feature in my Reader Avatars series. Read more about Ania here:
a. What is the one thing you want to do/ have done before you die? I’d love to parachute jump or, better still, do it more than once.

b. What makes you happy? Home cooked brunch, enjoyed with friends in the garden on a sunny summer morning.
c. Which book/ non-fictio/ prose/ movie had the greatest impact on you. Why? Stephen Frears’ 1988 film, Dangerous Liaisons. For breathtaking performances from John Malkovich and Glenn Close and for exposing the fine (vanishing) line between the bodily and the spiritual.
d. Do you believe in life on other planets? Of course!
e. What do you like/ challenge about The Destiny of Shaitan? Its mythological framework gave me the comforting feeling that no matter what happens to the characters, it will be what there was in stock for them from the start
Ania Ostrowska moved to London from post-communist Poland in 2005, enabled by her country’s joining the EU. To sanction her feminist credentials, she got an MA in gender studies from SOAS. She lives in the London borough of Hackney and divides her time between working part-time at the Wellcome Library and being a film editor for the UK feminist blog The F-Word: Ania is also a writer. Read her short story in The Hackney Anthology
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