Jo-Anne McLeary : A palaentologist at heart

Meet the author-entrepreneur. Self motivated and driven she stands on the cross roads of where creative meets commercial. A multi-faceted superwoman, who will pursue her dreams till the ends of this world. Sometimes she will even create new galaxies in her quest for that unique slice of Nirvana to call her own. This is a true characterisation of the many phenomenally talented people I have met in my author avatar. Jo-Anne McLeary is one of them. A feisty & extremely talented writer she now also holds the distinction of being the first Aussie author I have interviewed here on my blog. 

Jo-Anne McLeary 

a. What is the one most important thing you’d like to do/ or have done in this life? The most important thing I think I’ve done in my life is sponsor a child through World Vision. It may not be much, but it makes me happy to know that I am helping him have a better life. I love receiving his progress reports telling me how he is going and how the money has helped not only him but his entire community.

b.Why do you write? I write because I have to. The first memory I have of writing a complete story is when I was 8. It was about dinosaurs. (I wanted to be a palaeontologist when I grew up.) I think I’d go crazy if I couldn’t write, whether the story is published or not doesn’t matter. I need to get the story out.

c. How do you balance out the ‘marketing’ of the book with the ‘writing?’ Since the marketing mostly comes after the book, it’s a lot easier to focus on that for a certain amount of time. Obviously your writing comes first, but you also need to dedicate enough time to reaching your target audience.

d. What has been your biggest learning on your journey to becoming an Indie? (Anything you would do differently?) Editing is a big must have. There are so many indie books out there that are badly edited, that it can sometimes detract from the story.

e. One most important piece of advice you would give to other Indies? Have an awesome beta reader or readers, people who aren’t afraid to tell you what they think. Again, make sure you have a fantastic editor. No one wants to read a badly written and edited story.

Jo-Anne McLeary has lived in Western Australia her whole life. Getting lost words has been a part of her life for as long as she can remember whether they’re her own or someone else’s. When she’s not writing you can probably find her behind the lens of a camera, indulging her other passion. Find her at

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