When you’re happy and you know it….!

This post is part of Pavarti.K.Tylers’s Community Blog Hop series, August 16-19. I confess I cheated a little on this one. Pav wanted us to write about how we share happiness.  I got carried away and instead wrote a list of what makes me happy, no, its more than that. Its a roll-call of what inspires me to be happy, which I have compiled all in one place. My reasoning: if I am happy, the world is happy too. Does that make sense, or is it just the altruistic, idealist in me who thinks so? Read on to find out:

These are a few of the things which make me happy! Twenty states of being which I often aspire to:

1. Being as cool as George Clooney in Out of Sight

2. Moving like MJ in Billie Jean

3. Reading Game of Thrones then re-reading it, and again!

4. Dancing like Jenny from the Block

5. Kicking butt a la Lara Croft

6. Saving the world with as much panache as Ra.One

7. Soaring like a dragon up above the world, so high

8. Like a diamond in the sky

9. Smelling the roses in the back-streets of my neighbourhood

10. Being as confident as Top Gun

11. Belting out Like a Virgin on the Karaoke

12. Walking through Highgate Woods in Autumn

13. Being as wordy as Woody Allen in Manhattan

14. A hot cup of chai carrying me on the next wave of inspiration

15. Seeing a vision

16. Flying with my true love in abandon

17. Finding the rhythm in repetition, surpassing the pain, keeping on like a para-olympian

18. Feeling one with the energy of the universe

19. JUST Being ME

20. Uh! …Reading all of the above the next time I need motivation 🙂

So reading through the above its clear that there is a very thin line for me between happiness, motivation & inspiration. Happiness is contagious for I do believe in ‘smile and the world smiles back’ motto. And hopefully when I am happy, I can spread the feeling and those around me will pick up on it and be happy too. What do you think? Do you agree. Do write in and tell me. 

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About the Author: Laxmi Hariharan was born in India. She lived in Singapore and Hong Kong and is now based in London. She is inspired by Indian mythology. When not writing, this chai-swigging, technophile enjoys long walks in the woods and growing eye catching flowers. Her debut novel The Destiny of Shaitan is available on Amazon http://tiny.cc/szqsewReach Laxmi:Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/laxmihariharanauthorTwitter: @laxmiPinterest: http://pinterest.com/laxmihariharan/Website:  http://www.laxmihariharan.com/

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2 thoughts on “When you’re happy and you know it….!

  1. You are such a joy Laxmi – to know and read. I have had so much fun reading all your posts! What a fantastic way to share yourself. Always with pictures and humor. Thank you for being a part of my community!

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