Akash Gautam: Walk the talk, Dil-Say

Its been a few months since I found my voice. I always knew what I had been born to write, but it took me nearly twenty years to acknowledge it. As I run the highway to living in my own skin, I am constantly on the look out for people who are fellow voyagers. And so I came across AKASH GAUTAM. What struck my instantly from his blog, his tweets, his nearly every sentence, was his absolute exuberance. His wide smile & flailing arms spelt excitement at the mere prospect of living; it never failed to lift my spirits, and so I asked Akash if he could share some of his beliefs. Here he is then, in my Inspirational Avatars series. If you like me are trying to figure a way to JUST DO IT, and need that something just a little more to tip you over the edge, then do read on, I promise its going to take you further…
The AKASH dance: told you he’s a lot of fun!
Akash, what made you move away from a normal nine to five job to what you are doing now? Two things: – 1) Normal & 2) Nine to Five. I educated myself in Fashion from India’s best Fashion School but soon realized that my passion was not in ‘Fashion’. My first two jobs in the fashion industry did not let the ‘Full Energy’ within me to get expressed. There was no point trying to become a smart, rich rat in the rat race. I had this hunch that if I were to even make it big in Fashion – Joyfulness, Abundance, 100% Smiles and ‘Respect from People’ shall remain elusive from me as there was no ‘Heart Centrality’ in what I was doing.
Why did you become a motivator? I was sacked from my second job in the fashion industry for ‘Demotivating colleagues’. Life is strange na! I was a naughty, quite useless guy by the world standards then. But I had one thing always with me – ‘My Confidence’. I really do not know ‘How it happened, When it happened’; but God did a U-Turn to my life and I became a ‘solution provider to people’ from an ‘issues provider’ guy. I was the most messed up guy especially in my relationships with people/world. My profession once had me to do a ‘Motivating Talk’ on relationships. The shame of ‘not living the talk’ helped me cleanse myself and over a period of time ‘savor beautiful people relationships too’. I kept on changing; the more I worked. With God’s grace right now my confidence levels are not only the highest but there is hardly any gap between ‘What I Preach’ and ‘What I really am’.
You talk about being a full time seeker of God – what role does spirituality play in your role as a motivator? He does everything and I get famous. I am in love with ‘HIM’. I do not ask for anything and he opens so many ways for me. He sends those people in my life who I need to meet at that point of time in my life. Those people then do everything needed for me. He keeps me in joy most of the times. I believe in today’s world one needs to be as luckier; as one should be ‘Capable’. God creates destiny stories; which are like best sellers.
You say “I am progressively trying to simplify my life & also the lives of the people around me” how do you do that? By talking and writing. My Talks / Blogs (www.akashgautam.com/blog) are complete ‘Dil- Say’. When I do that and help people – my auto-cleaning happens. E.g. if I were to do a talk on ’10 ways to become an effective communicator’- I surely shall myself be becoming fit about all those 10 ways. So, it is kind of ‘Auto Pilot’. When I was having ‘Emotional issues’ in life – I chose to do similar few trainings in corporate sector. By the end of a couple of such trainings- my own ‘Emotional issues’ had gotten solved.
What did you want to be when you grew up? Trust me; I do not remember. I just wanted to be someone who my school time crush will like to date. She was an Army officer’s daughter. In class 8th – I even day dreamt of killing 100 Pakistani soldiers and then proposing her. You see – there was passion even then.
Any advice to people on how to keep motivated and find your ‘true calling’?
-If you are running on a popular road (MBA / MBBS/ Engineering / family business etc.) – then run fast & overtake; otherwise choose a different direction & the whole world will follow you … There is no point being indecisive … Either DO it fully or leave it. Mediocrity is for Time passers and time pass = time fail. Get Fearless! Because if you compromise due to lack of courage, you must have the heroism to suffer for it. Throw off your lethargy, your dejections, your foolish sentimentalism of self-pity & wake up to face your only life.

-Don’t think much about people. Trust me – no one is thinking about you also. When you succeed- you’ll make top class friends. If you do not- even your best friends might leave you. The best thing to do is ‘to become awesome in your own life’.
Akash Gautam is India’s favorite Motivator & Enter-Trainer, www.akashgautam.com
You can also find him here
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/akashspeaks 
Twitter: @akash_vaani

About the author of this blog: Laxmi Hariharan (in my own words): Though born in India, wanderlust drove me out of my home country and I lived in Singapore and Hong Kong before being based in London. It was in embracing my roots that I found my voice. My debut novel The Destiny of Shaitan is available on Amazon http://tiny.cc/szqsew. Reach me here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/laxmihariharanauthortwitter at @laxmi


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