The mystery of the Immortal Protozoan

The Lion’s Mane Jellyfish

Did you know that some species of jellyfish or protozoans (in the parlance of the big-bang-theory-world of geeks) never die. According to a report in New York Times — at any stage of its development  — this species can transform itself back to a polyp,  the jellyfish’s earliest stage of life, thus escaping death and achieving potential immortality. 

This then negates one of the main laws of life as we know it, that we are all caught in the eternal cirlce of life and death. Ferdinando Boero, the author of the science paper who revealed this phenomenon likened this species to a butterfly that, instead of dying, turns back into a caterpillar or  an old man who grows younger and younger until he is again a foetus. 

While the publication of this paper Reversing the Life Cycle did not raise much eyebrows, for me it is exciting. What if at some point in the future, scientists were to figure out a way to tap into the genes of this jellyfish, and what if then we could all have access to this secret, to find a way to reverse physically, and thus mentally, and emotionally everything we have been through in life so far. That way the we would have a choice of wiping out the conditioning we grew up with, that very barrier that holds many of us back from being what we wanted to be in the first place. What if I could actually change my own destiny by choosing which avatars I wanted to be in this very life? Imagine.

Hence I am naming my new page Immortal Protozoan, after this incredible jellyfish that I want to be. The Immortal Protozoan will cover anything to with reinvention, creativity (ie. those who die a thousand deaths)  especially people (authors, et al) who dare to live many lives in one life time. Stay tuned.

And PS: if you are a rock & roller kinda protozoan then you might want to check this out Rock with me (follow up to Rockstar a love story)

About Laxmi Hariharan (in my words): Though born in India, wanderlust drove me out of my home country, and I lived in Singapore and Hong Kong before being based in London where I now live. I am inspired by Indian mythology. It was in embracing my roots that I found my voice. My debut novel The Destiny of Shaitan is available on Amazon
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4 thoughts on “The mystery of the Immortal Protozoan

  1. This is so cool! Love science anyway so the tidbits of trivia collected from the life cycle of the 'turritopsis' is terrific! Wouldn't it be nice to be like the jellyfish…not look alike, of course!BTW Received an unexpected Amazon gift card this morning. Not sure why me but I do know I have Liked you on fb and following on Twitter. Wanted to pass along a thank you from Amazon but do not have an email address so I am saying THANK YOU! here on your site. I have bookmarked to visit again.

  2. This is the first time I am hearing about this also. Though I have heard about the Eagle that rejuvenates its life at it's old age by tearing away its feathers and becoming a young eagle to live perhaps for another 50 – 60 years! Also helps that the Eagle is on top of the food chain unlike the protozoan's who could be eaten anytime! But I seriously hope that the genetic scientists and microbiologists probe this unique species and transcribe it to humans. Wouldnt that be cool!?

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