In from the outside

I realized that I had been looking for something for many years now, since I was five. It’s a quest that that many of the people I meet today are on. We are, many of us seeking out a truth to the way of living, a purpose to our lives, it would seem. 

To answer this I have normally turned to the outside. I tend to ask people about their lives and what brought them to the point of today, in the hope of getting a kernel of something. A rare insight into that energy which has propelled them so far, perhaps. 

Yet I know on some level, that is often always not so. What you see from the outside is never the entire truth. 

Gunn Haglund, who runs Planet Energize is of the opinion that rather than try to do something about it, you should take a step back, just relax into it. I played with the words in my head, parking it for the future for just being is not something I do very well.

Then I asked John Purkiss, author of Brand You  how do I prevent myself from falling back into old patterns? His answer was that often the best thing to do was not do much. It was time to listen to the inside rather than just follow the outside. But isn’t that also just being lazy I wondered?

And then, this post from Seth Godin landed up in my inbox. “The only place joy can be found is right here and right now” he said.

Very different people — all offering a similar message. 

My instinct said they were right. Yet I wondered how to do this. How do I avoid being swept away from the deluge of words from the outside world and tune into my internal radar?

The solution I arrived at? To carve out a few hours, perhaps even a few minutes in the day, when I don’t let life admin (in John’s words) get in the way. 

When I shut the window to the outside, cut the worry chords and give myself permission to be me. Allow myself to just write, to flow with my thoughts and meander. For a brief few seconds I don’t comparing myself to the outside. I allow myself to be happy to be the me inside.

How do you do it? Tune into that inner voice?


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