What’s your three second personal brand statement?

What happens when you have a mosaic of interests, a few abiding passions and are multifaceted? Well, you struggle to define what you really are, and answering that perennial ‘what do you do?’ question can be a nightmare.

My talent is that I can communicate. Give me a blank screen and off I go. Ask me to speak to a crowd and I can keep them engaged. I am also the epitome of grace under fire. I keep my calm in an emergency, can be counted on to see the bright side of any situation and my sense of humour helps keep up the spirits of those around me, even in tricky times.
In my professional life I am a marketer. I love being able to string words to tell the story in as short and impactful a fashion as possible—cue my made-for-the-social-networking-space incarnation. I get immense satisfaction in using the power of the online media to amplify the reach of my message. I am turned on by the dynamism and the ever-changing nature of the Internet—with its myriad connections and endless possibilities.
I am also something of a start-up junkie. I am addicted to the adrenaline which I experienced while launching TV channels around the world, the thrill that came with working at break neck speed against crazy deadlines which demanded that I think on my feet, make snap decisions and then just do it. It seemed the higher the challenge, the further I could jump—and best of all when I could inspire many more to take the leap with me, it was hugely gratifying.
Most of all I love the human story—what makes the person opposite me tick? What brought them to where they are, what arc has their life taken? What motivates them to do what they do? Why is it that some people see opportunity where others perceive obstacles? Why is it that some don’t care about how the world sees them, whereas for others this can be life defining.
Yet, for someone who is so articulate when it comes to marketing brands for companies, I seem to get tongue tied when it comes to describing myself. The challenge is to go beyond the scope of defining myself by my day job. How do I bring out the multidimensionality of who I am? What’s my story?

Here are a few of the iterations I have been through:
A writer, technophile and futurist?
A marketer, blogger and the first Indie writer of Indian origin on Amazon?  
A marketing specialist and a writer of epic fantasy?
A free spirit?
It is the last, which gives me the most satisfaction. But I am aware that it can sound quite nebulous in the business world. Reading Brand You, I was inspired to try and hone it further. How could I be memorable and yet also true to myself? I decided to apply the segmenting-targeting-positioning exercises, which I have often carried out for brands—for myself. 

This is my three second pitch: I am a broadcast brand specialist, and I write epic fantasy.
I like that the broadcast brand marketing brings out my creative approach to marketing yet clearly marks me out as a specialist in my field and hints at my pedigree of having built well respected brands; that I write epic fantasy communicates a touch of the free spirit I am. 
What do you think? Does it work? 
What’s your three second personal brand statement?

3 thoughts on “What’s your three second personal brand statement?

  1. I think you must be fuelled on uranium, Laxmi. Seriously, though, it is an enormous advantage that you combine sharpness as a marketing entrepreneur with a real passion for seeing results. I, like many authors – and yourself as an author – have the will, but sometimes not the realism or marketing inventiveness to face the toughness of the competition without becoming overwhelmed or daunted. So thank God for people like you. Sincerely, Raymond Nickford

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