Avoiding the USP trap

From who’s point of view is the USP formulated anyway? From the POV of you the marketer, who is compelled to communicate in your preferred style? Of the sales team which is under pressure to meet their targets? Of the corporation which must recoup its R&D billions?

Who then represents we the people, and why should we buy what you are offering? Will we buy just because you are a globally known brand. (In today’s world it normally means you have large overheads, complex processes which hamper reactions to market change, low team morale due to retrenchments, and management who have never experienced a day in my life.) 

Isn’t it time to move beyond all that and build your proposition on what we really want? Of speaking to us in a language we understand and in the space where we live.  

That old fashioned adage of keeping it simple, of finding our real need, and sharing a service which simplifies our lives never held more true.

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