It is your choice!

The life that we have been taught to think of as normal—of doing the job, playing your part in the bigger scheme of things, one of the layers of the hierarchy of the food chain, a cog in the the wheel of the cycle which turns the world—and getting compensated in return, is fast disappearing with the democratisation of the connected world you & I live in.
The barriers between the haves and have not’s, between the past-the present-and the future, between the can and the cannot, gets more transparent with very passing day. 

Here the author is the publisher, the app creator is also the end user, and the designer is the doer.

The comfort of the industrialised world lay in its order. It had a certain predictability, a rhythm you could trust in. Where the choice was taken out of your hands, and so you just needed to live your life putting one foot in front of the next. Any fires within, which prompted you to veer off into the unknown could be firmly quenched by justifying that there were no real tools within reach to do much about it.

Not any more. 

Technology has seen to it that you are never more than a degree of separation away from the enabling tool-kit, which gives you the platform to do exactly what you like. Only, with equality comes competition, so what you do, really does have to create that extra value, to make a difference to their lives.
So, either way—whether pursing your own vision or someone else’s—it comes down to adding value to someone else’s life. The only difference is, it is more meaningful when you have a personal connection to it. 

It’s your choice.


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