Want to change the brief to your life – campaign?

When you want to change the campaign,  you need to revise the brief first.  
Unless you change the script, you can’t change the results. 
Yet, it is no simple thing to rebrand and relaunch. A positioning cannot be changed overnight, and if you are going to lightswitch…. well then you need to be very clear about your goals.

You cannot both drive trial with a different audience and try to appeal to the old–that leaves you stuck in the middle without a boat. 

Writing a new brief seems unsurmountable until you break it down.

Segmenting and deciding your new audience, a different consumer journey, varied set of touch points, unique messaging, fresh cut through creative and most importantly making sure the rebranded product features will deliver to the future audience expectations. 

Scary, but full of possibilities.

Ami Nielsen inspired this post

Remember how STAR TREK reinvented itself?

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