What is your red thread?

Every campaign that is successful is faithful to its red thread.
This is the life blood which runs through its veins. The spinal chord on which the different stages of development hang off. A tentpole to the umbrella of its creativity which plays out across the different media.
Today I drew mine. 
A reminder that the stars, planets and galaxies which pass me in the night are but temporary distractions. Space ships may pass outside my window, comets may streak by, shooting stars may rise to explode in a burst of starlight and black holes may try to suck me in, but I stay committed to that which binds me together. My writing.
What’s your red thread?


5 thoughts on “What is your red thread?

  1. @Ritesh — no I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing, as long as you dont feel you are missing something, in which case you are already guided by it… but perhaps just haven't recognised it?

  2. An interesting idea. If I was in a facetious mood, I would say the red thread would be my bank balance. In a serious mood, the RT would be my writing – so I trust we will meet somewhere in a parallel universe, Laxmi, via our read threads ?

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