Is Game of Thrones – The Red Wedding episode, the real thing?

How was it that just one single episode of Game of Thrones uniformly spawned the same reaction–shock and horror–the world over? 

Tweet after tweet, the same sentiment, not to mention YouTubeclips of viewers recoiling from the TV screen. (If you thought the days of watching TV as a family were over, think again!)  Birthing the now legendary @redweddingtears, whose timeline solely consists of RT’s of outraged viewers’ tweets and which at last count boasted more than 13000+ followers in 48 hours, I was convinced—first and foremost as a cynical marketer, and secondly as an Alpha Nerd—according to mashable who so labeled those of us who had read the books—that this was one big marketing gimmick.

Surely HBO had put in place a strategic advocacy platform, seeding key bloggers and influencers including setting up that twitter account to get this ball rolling? Then a friend  (thanks Ricc Webb) remarked, “it’s too genuine to be true. You can’t fake a real reaction like that.”

It’s true in more ways than one. You cannot replace the real thing, No amount of marketing can simulate honest emotions, or substitute genuine amazement or true need for something which adds value to your life. Be that something which eases the everyday, or simply that which takes you by such surprise that it results in a groundswell sentiment. Smart words can amplify, social media can help in transmitting the emotional virus, but at heart it needs to be 100% true. No question.
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