Stop when you see Red

The scream rang out behind me. I turned to see the car screech to a halt breaks applied with enough force to rear up on its back tyres. Just behind the vehicle a little girl wearing a long white dress, turned to run back towards the traffic island where the signal glowed red. It matched the colour of her scarf.

“Oh! My God!” the teenager standing there gasped covering her mouth now rounded in an O of surprise. Hanging onto to the little girl’s brother, the mother held the pram in front and burst into tears, the little girl now burrowing into her mother’s skirts. The teenager reached over to hug the mum as others gathered around the now bawling-in-relief woman trying to console her.

The car seemed to hesitate then slowly picked up speed and moved on, presumably to not obstruct the oncoming automobiles which now thundered past the green light.

I had crossed the pedestrian red, running across the road since the traffic had yet to flow. Normal in every day life. Yet I had to wonder if the little girl had seen me and followed?

Somehow in real life too even when my instincts tingle red, I don’t stop.  I know its wrong for me and yet I persist on the course perhaps because it is expected of me or because I expect it of myself?

Both at crossings and in life, am I better off following my instincts? Do that which feels right for me. Wear it for it is my unique style, make choices that fit me? I suppose I should. Shouldn’t I?

What about you?


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