I want to look away but I can’t

No, I don’t want to see that your child has just been born

That this is your first family selfie —the only one before you untie the knot


I dont want to see pictures of your honeymoon

And that diamond ring to be enshrined in your tomb


That first kiss you stole from her, the first crush, a glance, a feel

Let that stay with you

For you, and, only you, for when you are heartbroken and aground


And when you die,

I don’t want your face popping up on my timeline

So, I see you are more missed in death than in life


For, when your life unravels in front of mine

Dipping in and out in real-time

It’s confusing and then…


When we meet

We don’t really have anything to speak


For I know everything about you,

Even what your family mishaps look like.


And while I too fall prey to it too many a time

I am going to try and hold onto my sacred space, from now on

And not share


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