Getting Proustian With…LAXMI HARIHARAN – The Interview Series


I’m kind of a nosy bitch, real subtle like, but still, nosy as shit, giving my two cents even when it isn’t requested. Which has gotten me in loads of trouble, heaps of it in fact, but that is another story altogether and one that will never be told anywhere on this blog

but is excellent fodder for a book…


Anyway, I discovered Laxmi Hariharan a while ago on Wattpad, one, because she writes dystopian fiction, two, because she’s Indian, and three, because I love growing my circle of diverse writer friends, especially when we work in similar genres. I added her book to my library, started reading it – it’s really freaking good – and of course, momentarily stalked her on the internet

Laxmi1     Laxmi3bookcover  Laxmi3bookcover2 because that’s the kind of shit we do these days.

She and I had some random exchanges on Twitter but nothing major…

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