The Many Lives of RUBY IYER

A girl desperate to rescue her best friend. A cop willing to do anything to save the city he serves. A delusional doctor bent on annihilation. 

When Ruby Iyer’s best friend is kidnapped by the despotic Dr Kamini Braganza, she will do anything to rescue him. Anything, including taking the help of Vikram Roy, a mysterious cop-turned-rogue on a mission to save Bombay. The city needs all the help it can get, and these two are the only thing standing between its total destruction by Dr Braganza’s teen army. As Bombay falls apart around them, will Ruby be able to save her friend and the city? Will she finally discover her place in a city where she has never managed to fit in? And what about her growing feelings for Vikram?The Many Lives of Ruby IyerAdd Ruby on Goodreads. Find Ruby on Amazon US  |  Amazon UK|  Amazon IndiaPaperback. Subscribe to my newsletter.

“Under the garb of a fast-paced YA thriller, the author writes a story which goes beyond and removes the gloss and shine which Bombay is always bathed in, to show us what is truly possible… you are in the mind of the main character, and can literally taste her emotions.” – Ritesh Kala, Book reviewer 

“The author uses the city as a stark, sometimes gloomy, backdrop for a tight story of conflict and terror, and does an excellent job of portraying the city-as-a-mother, leaving the hero(ine) to grapple with the dilemma of choice.” – Jormund Elver

The origins of Ruby Iyer: This is how it all started 

 “I was sitting there with bated breath at the climax and really cheering for the characters. I felt for Ruby Iyer every step of the way. Even when I thought she was making a foolish decision or being brash, I still understood her plight.” – Creating Serenity Reviews 

 “… a white-knuckle ride through a disintegrating Bombay as a terrifying encounter propels our heroine from her everyday commute into a battle for survival – her own survival and the survival of the city she loves.” – Fran Pickering, Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award winning author.




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